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  Andrés Chandía 

Andrés has a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics as well as a Master's degree with Honors in Linguistics with specialization in Computational Linguistics from the University of Barcelona. He is currently enrolled in the DTCL predoctorate scholarship program at the Translation and Language Sciences Department at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and has been a visiting student at the Institut für Computerlinguistik at the Universität Zürich in Switzerland. He is a member of GLiCom (Grup de Lingüística Computacional). His main research focus is the application of computational technologies to the morphological analysis and generation of Mapudungun.


Chandía, A. (2012). Dungupeyem 1 _alfa 2 _v0.1: un prototipo de analizador morfológico para el mapudungun a través de transductores de estados finitos. Dungupeyem-alpha-version.pdf

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  Belén Villena 

Belén holds a University Degree in Hispanic Languages & Literatures and a Master's Degree in Linguistics with Honours in Spanish Language from the University of Chile. She currently has a CONICYT predoctorate scholarship in the Applied Linguistics University Institute at Pompeu Fabra University. She is a member of the IULATERM group (lexicon, terminology, specialized discourse and language engineering), her main research focus is neology and language planning, with special interest in Mapudungun.


Villena, B. (2014). El mapudungún de Santiago de Chile: creación neológica y vitalidad interna. Santiago: Editorial Universitaria.

Villena, B. (2014). Creación neológica en mapudungún: entre el desplazamiento y la lealtad lingüística. Terminalia, 10, pp. 37-49.

Cañete, P., Fernández-Silva, S. y Villena, B. (en prensa). La difusión de la terminología en la prensa escrita: un acercamiento a través de la Neología de El País. Actas del V Seminari de Neologia, Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada, 15 de desembre del 2014.


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Cecilia Flores

Cecilia is a transcriber and proofreader in this project.

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Isabel Araya

Isabel is a transcriber and proofreader in this project.

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Se desempeña como actualizador de las entradas de los diccionarios.